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Johnny is an 18 year old male youth who became stranded in Las Vegas after a friend welcomed him into his residence. The friend later physically assaulted him which resulted in the friend going to jail for domestic violence. This  left Johnny with no place to live.   

​Bright Star Foundation was asked to step in and help pay for Johnny to go back home on the East Coast. Johnny is now with his family and safe without the fear of physical abuse. He is enrolled in a local university and will be moving into the dorms at the end of summer.


Michael is 19 year old gay male who found himself homeless after his mother was arrested for physically abusing him and his younger brother. In an attempt to find a safe place to sleep at nights, Michael would check himself into mental health facilities for up to a week at a time. When there were no hospital beds available for him to stay he used social media hook up sites to find men that he could have sex with in exchange for a place to sleep. Thanks to the referral from Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth, Bright Star Foundation was able to help Michael obtain his state identification, as well as help him pay for a stable living environment.  


Susan is a 16 year old female who originally lived in Arizona with her mother. She moved to Las Vegas to meet her biological father with whom she had never formed a relationship. Upon arrival she discovered that her father had mental health issues and Susan ended up running away to a local shelter. The shelter requested Bright Star Foundation to supply funding to get Susan back to her mother.

Susan is now reunited with her mother in Arizona, where she is living in a safe and stable environment. Susan is currently attending high school.


Danny is a 17 year old male who was living with his homeless father. The father went to a local shelter to see if they could help his son. The shelter contacted Bright Star Foundation to see if we could be of assistance. The father approved for Bright Star to pay for a ticket to Detroit so Danny could live with his aunt.

​Danny is now living with his aunt in Detroit and attending school.


Jonesha is a 17 year old female who had been living in a shelter in San Diego for a week. She had been couch surfing between different family and friends for over a year due to not getting along with her mother's boyfriend. Since the boyfriend pays all the bills and apartment the mother felt she needed to follow his lead. Jonesha ran out of friends to stay with and her grandparents live in a senior living apartment. Her dad was willing to take Jonesha in, but didn't have the money for a plane ticket to Sacramento. Bright Star Foundation paid for the transportation and now Jonesha is living with her father in a safe home.


Cheryl is a 19 year old female who lived with her girlfriend in their own apartment. Cheryl and her girlfriend were behind in their rent and were about to be evicted. Cheryl had approached a few other organizations but didn't qualify for their services. Another organization referred Cheryl to Bright Star Foundation. During her interview we discovered that Cheryl and her girlfriend had only been eating mashed potatoes out of a box for the last week because they had no groceries in their apartment. Bright Star Foundation paid for groceries, two months of Cheryl's rent and three months of bus passes so Cheryl could find a job. Cheryl and her girlfriend are currently employed and they are living a stable life in their apartment.

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