With Gratitude!


Bright Stars $250,000+

Claude Raffin in the memory of Jon Gathercole

Godparents $150,000-$249,999

Claude Raffin & Jon Gathercole

Angels $100,000 to $149,999


President's Circle $50,000 to $99,999

Patrons $25,000 to $49,999


Benefactors $10,000 to $24,999


​Sustainers $2,250 to $9,999

The Garage, Guy Sheets & Robert Lango

St. Jude's Women's Auxiliary

Ellen Fu, Coldwell Banker

Dr. Michael & Nitcha Raffin

Prime Timers Central Coast

Judy and Rob Egenolf

Rob Schlegel and Lucas Navarro-Schlegel

Matthew Frazier in memory of Jonh C. Kish 

Spectrum Realty - Andy Sillers

Friends $500 to $2,249

Christopher & Lynn Brown

Goleta Plumbing/Gary Mosel

Peter Florstedt & Nelson Florstedt  

Imperial Royal Court of the Desert Empire

Ron Ripp & Alejandro Llamas

Jacob Halstead

Latitudes, LLC

Marilyn Chambliss

William Tumelty

Jach Pursel & Enrique Dominguez

Stuart Opotowsky & Kathryn Gilpatric

Michael Sullivan & Roy Brayton

Knute Miller

Robin Orr & Sue Cook

David Landecker

Bajor Family Charitable Fund (Dr. and Mrs Bajor)

Jerry Keeran

Paul Ware

Todd and Bianca Johnson Fund in Honor of Jose Chang

Judy Bowenwiener

Contributors $250 to $499

Anthony & Letha Petrash

William & Elizabeth Jones

In Memory of Jo Ann Austin

Jonathan Alburger & Carlos Ojeda

Mr. Andrew Sillers

Pepe and Verna Castillo

Doug Van Pelt

Nicole Suchel

Mary Rita Stambro 

Kathryn Jones

Doug Jones & John McGuinness

Sidney (Ty) Branch  

Pals $100 to $249

A P Aldridge III

John Chufar

Patrick DiCocco & Michael Conarroe

Lambda Business Association

Thomas McKean & Marq Taylor

Nicole Lacroix (France)

Chris Giunchigliani

Marc Goldman

Edward Kleefus

Gener Bungay

Malcolm Tyndal (Great Britain)

Mary Stoddard and Ilana Eden

Carrie Mehdi Foundation (Diane Jones)

William and Elizabeth Jones

Cheslava Bukowski

Katherine Wolfe

Denise Alpine

Ximena Zamorano Gutzeit

Mrs. Geraldine Fahrer
Mrs. Diane Taylor
Katherine Wolfe
Dr. and Mrs. Glassman

Germaine Suchel (France)

William Price

Tom Coats

Sonia Chelvig

Sean Dooner

Glenda Blake & Kathy Parker, In honor of Jon Gathercole

Keith& Neil Coffman-Grey 

Nicole Smith 

Kristine Kuzemka, Kuzemka Law Group

Terry Wilsey & Wally Walace, Wilsey Wallace Trust

David D. Robeck

Edmund V. Uehling &  Marlon Tinana

Gregory A. Moore

Peter Mc Cafrey
Barbara Hirsh

​​​​​Donors $1 to $99

Christine Wright Roper

Denise Duarte & Marlene Adrian

Jonathan Glasoe

Robert Saphi

Diane Jones

Davilene Miller
Mrs. Martine Suchel (France)
Mrs. Brigitte Beguin (France)

Jonathan Alenik
   Marc Leitman

Rachel Simon

Mr. Conrad Hubert

​​​​​In-Kind Donations

Verna & Pepe Castillo

MaryRita Stambro

Robert Jones

​​​​​Time and expertise

Christopher Ganier

Tyler Renner

Penny Dale

David Selberg




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