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Bright Star Foundation will also work to provide stable, affordable, and inclusive housing, and economic support to vulnerable people (especially in consideration of age, race, disability, HIV status, class, and other marginalized statuses) who identify as LGBTQIA+, located in the southwest, Nevada, California, Utah, Arizona, Oregon and New Mexico.


 Project Safe Home

Bright Star Foundation believes that if at all possible, the most important thing we can do is promote family reunification. If there is an existing family member that has a safe home and is willing to take in the youth, Bright Star Foundation will pay for food, transportation and whatever else is needed to get that youth to a safe living environment.

Support Existing Nonprofits

Bright Star Foundation also works with other organizations, to make sure that all resources are used and that all organizations are working together, realizing each of their strengths, to maximize their potential, to reduce homeless in the LGBTQIA+ community.

Assistance Now Available in Las Vegas Nevada!

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